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rare breed charters ponce inlet offshore fishing sport



(Up to 6 Passengers)

Kingfish, Dolphin (Mahi), Snapper, Wahoo, Blackfin Tuna, Sharks,
African Pompano, Barracuda, Jack Crevalle, Amberjack and more!

Shark Trip/ Bottom Fishing (4 hrs) - $1,500
Bottom Fishing (8 hrs) - $1,800

Bottom Fishing/ Trolling (10 hrs) - $2000
Gulf Stream Trip (12 hrs) $2,500
Wahoo Trip (12 hrs) 2,500 available November- April 1st
Other-side Tuna Trip - $4,000 April 1st- November

Minimum 20% Tip Required.
Call For Pricing & Availability
$200 deposit is required when booking a trip. 
There is a 3.5% fee for credit/ debit card payments.
(Up to 4 Passengers)

Redfish, Black Drum, Trout, Blues, Sheepshead, Snook, Tarpon, Ladyfish,
Sharks, Jack Crevalle, Cobia, Triple Tail, Spanish Mackerel and more!

Shark Trip/ Bottom Fishing (4 hrs) - $800
Bottom Fishing (8 hrs) - $1,200
Additional Anglers $75.00 a person,  top capacity 6.
Call For Pricing & Availability

$200 deposit required when booking a trip
There is a 3.5% fee for credit/ debit card payments.

 Must book to reserve photographer three weeks in advance.  The package includes a photographer on the boat to catch high quality pictures and video of your trip to remember! (Package includes 1 fully edited video and 20 high resolution photos)

Tips are greatly appreciated on a job well done! A customary tip is 20% of the cost of your trip but includes fish cleaning, bagging and ice at the end of the day. If you pay by Credit Card a 3.5% fee will be applied. There is a $200 fee for no shows and you must cancel 48 hours prior to trip.

Ready for an exciting offshore fishing adventure? Climb aboard our Pathfinder 2400 Tournament Edition, and let's dominate the water. Get ready to level up your fishing experience and hook your monstrous trophy catch. When fishing with Rare Breed Fishing Charters, you have full access to and full use of all of our bait and gear. All you need to do is show up with your angler crew. Your next fishing adventure awaits!

On our offshore fishing charters, we target flounder, sea bass, amberjack, sharks, kingfish, bonito, dolphin (mahi), a variety of snapper, wahoo, blackfin, African pompano, barracuda, jack crevalle, and other fish species of similar size.  Our offshore fishing charters are packed with adventure!  If you dare to fish with us, be prepared to catch some of these fish species:

Offshore Fishing Charters Rare Breed New Smyrna Beach Ponce Inlet Daytona Beach

Offshore fishing provides a very different kind of fishing experience that requires a level of commitment to the water. Our offshore fishing charters hit a sweet spot at about 20 miles out. We pack a serious tackle box and a specific boat for the occasion. Captain Daniel mans a center console and navigates waters that are hundreds of feet deep to give you the ultimate fishing experience. You can trust this seasoned Captain to deliver a safe offshore fishing adventure unlike any other.    

African Pompano: this is a tropical marine fish in the jack family.  This species lives in water less than 300 ft deep.  Their body is a silvery-metallic blue to blue-green.

Almaco Jack: they are known for temperament and fight at the other end of the line.  With flesh like a tuna, they sometimes get passed along as a white albacore.  They have been known to weigh up to 135 pounds.  They are dusky in color with olive stripes down their sides.  They can have dark brown or dark blue upper bodies and lower fins.  The belly is usually lighter with a brassy appearance.

Amber Jack: this refers to three species of Atlantic fish, which includes two jacks and pompano. They can exceed 100 pounds. They have dark stripes from their nose to the front of their dorsal fins.  They are easy to hook on vertical jigs and always take large live bait.

Rare Breed Charters Sport fishing Ponce Inlet
Rare Breed Charters

Barracuda: they are large ferocious fish with a fight and unparalleled tenacity.  They make those leaps out of the water when they are hooked. You can find them in every tropical and subtropical ocean in the world.  These long and slender fish with big heads and eyes pack an under-bite that is to be feared!  Their signature attribute is their large pointed teeth.  They are bluish or greenish with a silver-white belly.  We fish barracuda inshore during the summer, and offshore during the fall and winter.

Black grouper: with a Florida record of 113 pounds and 6 ounces, this fish is definitely a trophy catch.  They are often hooked near the surface, at depths ranging from 20 to110 feet. They have an olive or gray body with black blotches and brassy spots.

Mahi: these common dolphin fish are prized by anglers. They are beautiful fish, known for their aerial acrobatics. They have compressed bodies with a dorsal fin that extends nearly their entire length. They are bright blue and green with radiant golden hues. 

Jack Crevalle:  beastly and known for a fight, this fish species puts the thrill in fishing.  They grow to about 70 pounds.  You can find this fish species inshore and offshore, but the larger adults are primarily fished offshore in deeper waters. This is a powerful predatory fish.

Bonito: these medium-sized ray-finned predatory fish share the same family with tuna, mackerel, and butterfly kingfish. There are four species of Bonito. They have striped backs, silvery bellies, have a forked tail, and a row of small finlets behind their dorsal fins. They are about 30 inches at maturity.  Bonito have more teeth than a false albacore. Don’t put your fingers in their mouth.

Rare Breed Charters Ponce Inlet Charter Fishing

Captain Daniel will meet you at the dock in Ponce Inlet or give you a lift out to our Pathfinder 2400 Tournament Edition where there is room enough for 6 of your crew to climb aboard.  Our boat is located adjacent to Off the Hook Restaurant, where you will get to cook your fresh catch! Be prepared to dominate the waters with Rare Breed Fishing Charters, and experience the ultimate offshore fishing charter.  We launch from the dock, day and night, from Daytona Beach, Ponce Inlet or New Smyrna Beach.  Bring your angler crew for an offshore fishing charter with Rare Breed Fishing Charters!

We are more than just offshore fishing charters.  When you fish with us, you have the option to lodge with us too!  Captain Daniel can pick you up from your local arrival destination and give you a lift out to the lodge on Gobbler’s 3D Archery Range.  Fish with us -stay with us!  Learn to shoot some arrows while you are here or practice your technique.  Maybe we can go bow fishing too.  We are inshore, offshore, outdoors. We are Rare Breed.

Come experience the Rare Experience with Captain Daniel! 

CALL (386) 295-4581 NOW!

Your adventure awaits!

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