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Rare Breed Charters' Captain Daniel is a lifelong archery enthusiast and fisherman, whose roots began in Key West before he found his home in Volusia County. Outfitted with 3 vessels that can take you anywhere from the skinniest of backwaters or all the way to the Gulf Stream - you will definitely enjoy the areas fishing with this crew!  In true outdoorsman spirit, his dream has always been to provide a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive getaway through his several business ventures; with plans to grow into much more.

Currently on the roster is their 17' Skimmer Skiff for backwater & bow fishing adventures, a 24' Pathfinder for inshore & nearshore fishing, and last but certainly not least their 31' Cape Horn for all of their offshore fishing trips. Each individual vessel is well-equipped specifically for the types of fishing they're purposed for, with some flexibility when requested in advance. From poling platforms to out & down riggers, live bait to the best Westwind Witches available, guaranteed top-of-the-line gear... you name it, they've got it covered!


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