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(Up to 3 Passengers)

Redfish, Black Drum, Trout, Blues, Sheepshead, Snook, Tarpon, Ladyfish,Sharks, Jack Crevalle, Cobia, Triple Tail, Spanish Mackerel and more!



Half Day (4 Hours) - $500

Full Day (8 Hours) - $800

Call For Availability

$200 deposit required when booking a trip

There is a 3.5% fee for credit/ debit card payments.



(Up to 4 Passengers)


Half Day (4 Hours) - $700

Extended Half Day (6 Hours)- 850
Full Day (8 Hours) - $1000

Call For Availability

$200 deposit required when booking a trip

There is a 3.5% fee for credit/ debit card payments.

Tips are greatly appreciated on a job well done! A customary tip is 20% of the cost of your trip but includes fish cleaning, bagging and ice at the end of the day. If you pay by Credit Card a 3.5% fee will be applied. There is a $200 fee for no shows, you must cancel 48 hours prior to trip.

If you are ready to board a skiff and hook some monstrous redfish and other inshore species, bring your angler crew and join Rare Breed Fishing Charters for the ultimate fishing excursion.  Meet Captain Daniel and plan a unique fishing adventure with us!  We invite you to discover the Rare Breed experience.


Inshore fishing is the kind of fishing experience most dream up when making fishing plans with their buddies.  It is that shallow water fishing that occurs just off the shoreline in creeks, grassy flats and mangroves. Rare Breed creates a fishing charter that is uniquely designed to meet your skill level and ideas about fishing.  Every fishing charter is planned custom for your unique experience. Come plan an adventure with us!


Maneuver the skinny waters with us on this rare inshore fishing charter. Our 17 foot skimmer skiff is trailerable and launches from Ponce Inlet, and anywhere from Oakhill to Daytona beach.  Come explore those grassy flats adjacent to Mosquito Lagoon and set out on a saltwater adventure.  Rare Breed is more than just fishing charters, it is a fishing experience.  Captain Daniel provides an all-inclusive fishing charter where he is the inshore fishing charter tour guide, instructor and your fishing buddy. You will have full access to and use of all the tackle and gear on board.  Every detail of the fishing trip is included, such as fishing lures, line, rods, reels, supplies, live cut bait, license and everything you need to experience the perfect catch. 

Be prepared for action!  Inshore fishing charters will keep you casting and catching.  You will be tugging and fighting with a variety of fish species, such as redfish or red drum, those monstrous bow bending bull reds, snook, trout and more.  These species are fished all year-round, through all the seasonal climate changes. If you are fishing with us on our inshore fishing charters, be prepared to catch some of these species:

rare breed charters ponce inlet
Inshore Fishing Charters Ponce Inlet Fishing Family Fun New Smyrna Beach Oak Hill

Redfish:  these bottom feeders inhabit shallow grassy flats and mangrove shorelines. You can find them in large schools. They have a dark red back and white belly. Their identifying mark is their characteristic eye spots near their tail. The average redfish weighs between 6 and 10 pounds.  The largest record weight was recorded at just over 94 pounds.

Trout:  these fish aggressively strike lures.  Do not be fooled by a 3 to 5 pound trout.  They are known to be a challenge.  They put on some aerial acrobatics and can do a number on light tackle.

Inshore Fishing Charters rare Breed Charters Ponce Inlet
Inshore Fishing Charters ponce inlet ponce inlet new smyrna beach

Snook:  this fish species loves our warm Florida water. Snook swim up creeks, canals and rivers looking for warmer water.  They are known for strength and creating a challenge. Hooking a snook can require some technique.

Rare Breed Fishing Charters dominates the skinny waters with the perfect boat to experience inshore fishing charters the way they are meant to be experienced. Climb aboard our skiff with a seasoned captain, and experience a saltwater journey to all of our secret fishing spots. We launch from the dock, day and night. Bring your angler crew for an early morning or late night inshore fishing charter with Rare Breed!  We will meet you at the dock with a 17 ft shallow draft skimmer skiff that will be stocked with all the gear, tackle and everything you will need on your fishing trip.  Plan your next fishing trip with Rare Breed fishing charters.  


We are more than just fishing charters, we are a rare experience.  When you fish with us, you have the option to lodge with us too!  If you are traveling and need a lift out, Captain Daniel will pick you up from your local arrival destination, and bring you out to the lodge on Gobbler’s 3D Archery Range. Fish with us -stay with us!  Learn to shoot some arrows while you are here or practice your technique. Maybe we can go bow fishing too. We are inshore, offshore, outdoors. We are Rare Breed.

Come experience the Rare Experience with Captain Daniel! 

CALL (386) 295-4581 NOW!

Your adventure awaits!

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